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Number detection

SJB only focuses on providing overseas market services for enterprises. SJB has signed number detection service agreements with major operators in various countries. It can judge whether the number is a valid number through the port of the operator. At the same time, the Internet behavior of the number can be fed back. This function is used to increase the arrival rate of SMS, so as to achieve the effect of reducing marketing costs and improving efficiency.

Product Features

Cooperate with mainstream operators in various countries

Authoritative and accurate data

Real-time online status detection

Real-time detection of various number states

Support batch detection

Fast batch detection of text files

Extremely fast detection

10 million pieces of data can be tested in 1 hour

Product Advantages

Testing cost Very low

The detection fee is the lowest in the entire network, and according to the analysis of the detection results, it can save 36% of invalid promotion costs

The platform is stable and efficient

It performs tens of millions of number detections per hour, and can complete hundreds of millions of detections a day. Professional development team and operation and maintenance system. Test results are automatically categorized for easy download by customers.

Accurately detect Internet users

Empty number detection can judge whether the user is a user who has used Internet products according to the user's traffic usage, making marketing more accurate.

Simple and convenient operation

The user logs in the registered account to enter the console, and only needs to upload the TXT file to enter online, and download the test results after completion.

Operation Guide

About Us

SJB was one of the first companies to do number detection. Sign relevant number detection service cooperation agreements with major operators in various countries. Whether the number is a valid number can be judged through the port of the operator, and the online behavior of these numbers can be fed back. Used to provide SMS arrival rate, reduce marketing costs and improve efficiency.